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HDI products are complemented by a suite of standardised application software that can be used by any HDI products. This enables the end user to easily and seamlessly migrate from one product to another without having to re-learn or re-generate files or lessons.

This suite of software not only works across HDI’s hardware platform it also works cross-operating systems including Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Linux. Additionally HDI includes a remote collaborative function enabling a teacher/presenter to control the lesson/presentation remotely using any smartphones, tablets or other remote devices.

HDI’s suite of software offers complete flexibility providing user flexibility in choosing the appropriate application. Our suite includes: WizTEach, HDI Sketch and DisplayNote.


With the growing need for social and remote learning, HDI offers DisplayNote providing a truly powerful software that captures, annotates, controls, saves and broadcasts lessons/presentations. This is done on a 2-way communication method between ‘host to remote. ’ End users have a choice to adopt a “host-to-one remote” or “host-to-many remotes” system collaborating between hosts and all remotes.

This software finally provides the teacher/presenter the ability to work away from the main ‘host’ interactive board and/or multi touch screen. The teacher can now teach or the presenter can present from anywhere else in the room using the local network OR over the internet.

The software works with any remote devices including, smartphones or tablets running iOS, Windows or Linux operating systems.

DisplayNote’s is a powerful complement to our HDI products.

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