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HDI products are complemented by a suite of standardised application software that can be used by any HDI products. This enables the end user to easily and seamlessly migrate from one product to another without having to re-learn or re-generate files or lessons.

This suite of software not only works across HDI’s hardware platform it also works cross-operating systems including Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Linux. Additionally HDI includes a remote collaborative function enabling a teacher/presenter to control the lesson/presentation remotely using any smartphones, tablets or other remote devices.

HDI’s suite of software offers complete flexibility providing user flexibility in choosing the appropriate application. Our suite includes: WizTEach, HDI Sketch and DisplayNote.


WizTeach is designed to provide teachers with a choice of subject, annotation, drawing, recording and presentation tools specifically for the suite of HDI products.

The software is specifically designed to work together with any existing program/s familiar to the teacher. This means there will be no re-learning and teachers can deploy WizTeach quickly and easily as an additional aid.

With more than 3,000 resources and an impressive array of 12 Floating Drawing Tools, WizTeach users have the option to draw freehand, straight lines or highlight an area with the highlighter pen. Colour options let you change the colour and thickness of each. In the event of a mistake, the eraser tool can erase all or part of your workings. Subject related assets include, Math, Geography, Literacy, Science subjects and with more than 30 different languages, WizTeach is an invaluable aid for teachers/presenters.

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