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DisplayNote Solution

DisplayNote a Remote Collaborative Solution

Imagine being able to present to the audience and interact with them remotely as well as interact with the interactive whiteboard and/or multi touch screen from anywhere in the room?
With DisplayNote’s remote collaborative features, you can.
You are now free to present using any remote devices and make your presentation and/or lesson come alive. It allows your audience to connect and contribute to your presentation using their remote devices.
With their tablet, smartphone (iOs and Android) and iPads your audience can add their own notes, capture slides, draw on the slides and save the session for review at a later stage. DisplayNote works with any application on your computer and it works with various operating systems including: Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Linux.
You are now back in-charge using DisplayNote. Not only are you able to broadcast messages to all or individual participants you are able to share a participant’s good work instantaneously with the rest of the participants.
DisplayNote is a powerful tool to make your presentation relevant and interactive.

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